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Watch the video from our last Sonoran Living Segment: Information About Loans on Fine Jewelry

Our spokesperson Andi Barness and host Terri O talk about the new Berkshire Asset Lending spin off from The Gold Guy.  See a variety of the loans on fine jewelry, diamonds, coins, high end watches, estate jewelry and other upscale assets. Learn more about the short terms loans available if you need cash today and own these assets and don’t want to part with them permanently.  If you just want to sell your valuables, you may walk into any of the Gold Guy locations or if you prefer more privacy, you can call Berkshire Asset Lending and set up an appointment in their North Scottsdale office.  Maybe you are short on cash and need a loan today to get over the hump, whether it’s to pay college tuition, home repairs, business cash flow, weddings, divorce, funeral, or any unexpected bills.  The process is simple and the loans can be renewed if you need more time than the 90 days, by just paying the interest. Call Berkshire Asset Lending today for more information at 480-734-2018 or visit our Contact Us page.


Some frequently asked questions about Berkshire Asset Lending:

How do I get started?

Start the process today by making an appointment, by calling us at 480-734-2018 or emailing us from the Contact Us form. It would be helpful if you could email us a photo of your valuable(s) and any paperwork you might have such as an appraisal or GIA certificate.

How do I know what my asset is worth?

Our experienced GIA trained staff will work closely with you to assess the value of your assets and provide you with the highest monetary value possible. (Please keep in mind that if you have an appraisal, they are generally for insurance purposes and reflect the full retail replacement value, not market value.) Our evaluations are free of charge and you are not under any obligation.

Should I sell or take a loan?

We will help you determine what best suits your needs, whether to sell or get a short term loan on your valuables. We want you to be comfortable knowing that you made an educated decision either way. Please keep in mind that our collateralized loans can be renewed as long as the interest is paid.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more.


Loans On Fine Jewelry  




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