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Wedding Budget: Need a Wedding Loan?

Wedding Budget:  Need a Wedding Loan?Wedding-Budget-Planning

Planning a wedding in itself is stressful let alone trying to stay within your wedding budget.  If you’ve gone over your wedding budget, Berkshire Asset Lending can provide you with a short-term wedding loan.  Don’t max out your credit cards and pay a high interest rate.  Contact Berkshire Asset Lending for a low-interest, no credit check loan.  Do you have upscale assets such as: Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches, Coins or maybe even Estate Jewelry that has been in the family for years? We can provide you with a loan on these items.

How does it work?  Call us today to set up a confidential appointment for a free evaluation. You will receive payment on the spot. The loan will be for 90 days, but can be renewed if you need more time by simply paying the interest before it matures. Loans can be renewed as many times as you need as long as interest is paid.  Rest assured your valuables will be safe and secure with us and we are licensed and bonded. We have been in the jewelry and lending business for 3 generations, over 50 years.

Enjoy the wedding planning and eliminate financial stress by contacting Berkshire Asset Lending.  

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  • 50+ yrs of experience in Jewelry and Lending
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  • No credit check required
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